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Downsizing A 7-Person Agency To Go Solo with Laurel Scherer
Episode 528th September 2023 • The Soloist Life • Rochelle Moulton
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Over nine years, Laurel Scherer built her digital marketing agency to a highly engaged and talented team of seven employees. In 2023, she decided to go solo—she shares her experiences with shedding employees for the freedom and flexibility of a solo business.

We dive into:

The day-to-day realities of running a firm with employees.

How having employees impacted revenue and profit growth plus the owner’s personal bottom line.

The emotional, cognitive and time commitment of being responsible for employees, their career growth and the underlying business.

The pleasant surprises from shifting daily responsibilities for an agency of employees to a solo model.


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Laurel started her professional life as an Air Force public affairs officer, working in internal communications and media relations, then managing the consolidation of several hundred base websites into a single news and information site for the AF. Ultimately, she decided to depart from her original career path, and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she began a far less predictable endeavor, starting a web development business.

Over the next several years, she grew her small operation into a 7-person digital marketing agency. Then, in 2022, she shifted gears again, and slowly scaled the agency back down. Now she's a soloist, focusing on why she started this journey in the first place.



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