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Eps 18 Interview - The Metamorphosis of Mr T
18th June 2015 • PegCityChat with Nat • Natalie Bell - PegCityLovely
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Known for his witty quips and star turns in "The A-Team" and "Rocky III," Mr. T was the cultural touchstone of a generation. Now the former bodyguard and professional wrestler-turned-actor and motivational speaker is taking on a whole new role - one, as his name suggests, he may have been born to play.

This June, Mr. T will be the new face of a campaign for Fuze Iced Tea. In the brand's new digital ad titled "Butterflyz," Mr. T drops some of his trademark rhymes and extolls the bold and unique virtues of flavor-charged Fuze Iced Tea while draped in his signature gold chains and newly minted Monarch butterfly wings.

In addition to his work promoting tea, Mr. T also is appearing in his latest TV project, "I Pity The Tool" on DIY Network, set to debut later this year.

We had such a great time chatting, it was fun, enjoy!