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Real Estate Investment Sales: Tips from a Broker with AJ Klenk
Episode 1041st August 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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AJ is a co-founder of Capstone Companies, the US's largest privately owned multifamily brokerage. AJ currently sits on the board of Capstone and leads his development company, Catalyst Capital Partners, which has 14 multifamily projects in various stages.

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 10:55]  The Wild Ride of Real Estate

  • AJ started his career in real estate in 2009 when the market was still recovering from the recession.
  • To compete with larger investment sales firms, AJ’s company developed a culture of teamwork and diligence to help them get into the business.
  • The multifamily investment sales world has changed over the last 15 years, with more tailwinds than headwinds with the inflation rates.

.[10:56 - 27:20]  Starting with the End in Mind

  • AJ talks about how he began with the end in mind, considering the ways to give back to the community and be independently wealthy.
  • The industry is strong, and the employment industry is strong, making it difficult to attract and keep good employees.
  • Real estate investing is becoming more accessible to everyday investors, with the potential for prices to skyrocket.
  • To be successful in investment sales, you need to be passionate about real estate, have a unique set of skills, and be willing to work hard.

[25:35 - 29:10] Closing Segment

AJ’s advice to those wanting to explore the investment sales space: be charismatic, personable, hungry to learn, and willing to show up. You can apply at

Key Quotes:

“I started with the end in mind looking at where I want to be when I'm 50 years old, what I want my income to be like, my assets, my lifestyle…I really want to dedicate my life to giving back, and we're building some schools in South America and Central America, something that really drove me into real estate. Just the ability to become independently wealthy and then commit to myself to doing good.” - AJ Klenk

“The hardest part these days with the [real estate] industry being so strong and the employment industry being so strong is it comes down to like what kind of person you are, right? And are you attracting others?... That's always forefront of our minds is trying to find folks with high integrity that we want to be next to every day.” - AJ Klenk

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