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Your Salon Wasn’t Comfortable…
Episode 38716th May 2024 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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As Salon Owners, we always do our best to make our clients feel relaxed and welcome in our Salon… right?    But, we might’ve missed something.   Have you ever asked a client if they would prefer to chat or just sit quietly with a magazine? Or, if they would prefer to sit in the far corner that’s away from all the other chairs? And… have you asked your team these questions too?   We want everyone to feel safe and included in our Salons, but first we need to start having a conversation with everyone in our Salon about what they NEED. You won’t know what someone needs until you ask!    If you’re not thinking about inclusion, diversity and mental health… it’s time to start. It doesn’t need to feel like a big rock, you can even start with one small change…    In today’s episode of the Salon Owners Collective Podcast, I’m chatting with Shortcuts co-founder Jo Burgess about mental health in the Salon (for your clients AND your team!).   Here is Your Salon Wasn’t Comfortable…    Here is why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn the questions you need to be asking your clients and team
  2. Understand why mental health is important for your Salon
  3. Know how make everyone feel comfortable
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