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Amazing Things to Talked About Peter, Mitchell & Isis Episode
Episode 824th May 2022 • Elements of Community • Lucas Root
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Welcome to Elements of Community!

I am your host, Lucas Root, and in this episode, I am going to talk about the highlights and some of the amazing pieces from the episodes with Peter, Mitchell, and Isis.

Here’s just a taste of our talking points this week:

The Community of Quakers

In Peter Laughter’s episode, we talked about the community of Quakers and how the community of Quakers can give us an opportunity to learn what a community might look like and how it might look differently if we didn't focus on hierarchy.

We also looked at some alternate versions of leadership and some different ways to look at what leadership is and what it can mean.

Global Credibility Expert

Mitchell Levy is the global credibility expert. We had a great time talking about a couple of different big pieces of what leadership can mean in the context of credibility and how that affects and impacts the way that you interact with the committee.

An Extraordinary Community

Isis has an absolutely extraordinary community. It's not the sort of community that I was expecting to talk about. But that's part of what makes it so exciting because it's an opportunity for me to look at the way that communities can come together and how that transforms my understanding of community in a general sense.

We also uncovered some really deep ideas. And some specialized ways to look at the way our religious community utilizes the five elements of community and how they fit together.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • A deep dive into the elements of credibility and community engagement with Mitchell Levy.
  • The Quaker community leadership as being fluid and the idea that the community can have a tight connection or a loose connection.
  • How prayer is a common language and a common project with Isis.