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21. Into the Metaverse
Episode 2119th January 2022 • Future Imagined • Global Foresight Leaders
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Technology is constantly evolving — the anomalous sci-fi scenes we used to witness in movies are slowly emerging in the real world.

One innovation that has recently dominated the global conversation is the growth and potential of the metaverse. But while the term has strongly made its way into the mainstream media, there is still a general confusion and hesitation surrounding it. What is the metaverse, really? And how can we as business leaders and brand owners adapt to this new marketplace?

In this episode, our host, global foresight leader Jo Lepore is joined by two experts in digital experiences and mega cultural movements: VP Consumer Marketing at Fandom, Nic Brandenberger, and Founder and Principal at PINE, Raj B. Shroff. They explore what this digital realm has in store for the future of consumer journeys and business expansion opportunities. 

Tune in to explore the disruption that lies ahead for the future of your business as the metaverse’s virtual reality becomes a business reality. 


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