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Self-Sabotage is the Enemy of Monetization
Episode 703rd March 2022 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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It happens every single time! You’re ready to launch something big, roll out a new product or service, or make your first sales pitch–and WHAM! There it is: self-sabotage, and it’s ready to punch you in the face and derail everything. Join me for a closer look at how you can defeat this monster and accomplish everything you want!

Show Highlights:

  • What have you done that never got past the creation stage?
  • How the doubts and insecurities creep in and take over
  • Why you just have to do it! Put it out there!
  • Stop listening to the negative voices and live in the space of, “This WILL happen.”
  • Be willing to fail repeatedly and quickly—and listen to the message of the failures
  • Trace your failure to either the hook, the story, or the offer–and make tweaks
  • The first thing you try will probably FAIL–just plan on it
  • What to know before you launch:
  • Your mind will assault you to derail you with excuses.
  • ONE tactic won’t work; be willing to tweak and grow.
  • Fail quickly, expect it, but put yourself out there anyway. 
  • Follow the advice of proven experts and be willing to put in the work and the time


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