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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 97, 14th October 2019
Solving Business Problems with Automated Dreams
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Solving Business Problems with Automated Dreams

Are you overwhelmed by all the tools you use to create your podcast? If you keep handing out cash for the latest software but aren’t even sure what’s working, you can’t miss this episode. I’m joined by Vince de Benedetto, the founder of Automated Dreams, a marketing automation firm. They serve businesses of all sizes to provide greater scalability and easier, more sustainable growth. Today, he’s sharing his secrets with us. He fills you in on the systems you need to have in place, and what you can skip to keep things simple. Plus, hear the exact tools Vince uses in his business. Ditch system overwhelms and tune in to find out how you can automate your podcast like a pro. 


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  • What a business system really is and what they can do for your business
  • The single most important system you need in place to start your podcast, plus our recommended tools
  • Don’t get automation-crazy! Learn why a written process must come before any automation attempts
  • What happens after the interview is done? Take a peek into the process of post booking
  • Tips on email management: How to cut down time and keep your inbox clean
  • Watch a Demo on how to do post-booking using Teamwork integrated with Google Calendar and Google Drive
  • Helpful tips for business owners that you need to implement
  • Why you need to be looking for tools that have a native integration


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