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The EIS Navigator - Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co EPISODE 7, 8th September 2020
7 - Rob Murray Brown on equity crowdfunding
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7 - Rob Murray Brown on equity crowdfunding

While equity crowdfunding hasn't taken off the way that many hoped, it is an important influence on startups and the EIS industry. Rob Murray Brown is one of the few crowdfunding experts outside the platforms, with strong opinions on what is and isn't working for investors.

We discuss many of the issues for investors, the challenges of getting the right information, what diligence the platforms are or are not doing and what investors should be doing to minimise their chances of being involved in any of the disasters. We also talk about the UK insolvency process and how it isn't serving investors well.


Suggested book:

The Empty Raincoat - Charles Handy

As usual, full shownotes are at https://www.hardmanandco.com/podcast/.