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How Bobby Went Uphill in COVID with Ravioli Mountain
Episode 2521st July 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E25: How Bobby Went Uphill in COVID with Ravioli Mountain


Bobby Hedglin-Taylor joins Playing Devil's Advocate and shares his inspiring story of his road to Ravioli Mountain and the endearing discoveries he made there when navigating the ground zero of COVID.

Special Guest

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor - Accomplished multi-hyphenated artist and soon to be published author with mastery level cooking skills and endearing storytelling

Time Stamps


[03:05-Meet Bobby]

[52:29 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Italians have the best food and stories

*Mommas are the best, get to know yours on another level

*Fucking reindeer are plentiful back east

*Chicken wings induce labor

*Sex on a beaver dam & garage day-drinking are on my bucket list

*Vegans speak another language

*Tofuckin is a thing


*Cooking and writing are therapeutic

*Infused-alcohol is perfect for garage day drinking

*Autocorrect has an obsession with scrotums

*Multi-hyphenated artist is my new favorite word group

*I want trapeze rigging in my bedroom

*NY landlords do it OG style

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