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Becoming Man with IV Marsh
Episode 827th February 2023 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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In this episode I am joined by Pastor IV Marsh the founder of BECOMING MAN.

In this episode Pastor IV breaks down the requirements intended to display the attributes of Christ: Prophet, Priest, King, and Warrior. Join us for a great conversation of what Biblical Masculinity and true manhood look like.

4 min: IV's backstory 

12 min: The process God uses

17 min: Christ's masculine identity 

20 min: The rise of men’s movements 

23 min: The 3 defaults of masculinity 

28 min: The 4 faces of god 

33 min: The feminization of the church 

37 min: The top 3 biggest issues men face 

42 min: The 1 question you need to ask your wife. 

45 min: IV’s daily habits morning

BECOMING MAN is centered around returning men to their proper purpose on the earth; something that is so needed in our culture today. You don’t have to look very far back into the annuals of American history to see that honorable men are disappearing before our very eyes. Honorable men who demonstrated true masculinity. Men who were a man’s man, a man who not only demonstrates the physical qualities of ruggedness but who also possess mental toughness and emotional strength. A man who says what he means and means what he says. A man who recognizes the importance of honesty. A man of noble principle. A man without covetousness. A man who cannot be bribed or bullied. A man committed to manly virtues. A man who is the head of his home and knows how to control and discipline his children. A man who loves justice but also knows tenderness and mercy. A man who fears God and shows reverence for that which is sacred. A man who knows the difference between the rule of law and the lust for power. On the whole, our society today has little tolerance for such men. Even in our churches, masculinity is dying. Pastor IV Marsh is on a mission to reverse the current trend in our culture and take men on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

You can connect with Becoming Man and IV Marsh at:

Instagram @becomingman_