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How Does German Culture Compare to US Culture?
Episode 162nd November 2021 • German With • Nicole Warner, LLC
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There are several key differences when we consider how German culture differs from US culture.

It's way more than bread, beer, and other clichés.

In this episode we'll explore three cultural differences based on the Hofstede Insights, which are extraordinarily helpful in comparing cultural values.,the-usa/

Plus you'll learn a German phrase which indicates how long-term the Germans really think.

They do so love to plan ahead, too.

New Homework!

Download the A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure Guide (below).


Nicole Warner is Frau Warner of and is a German learner (certified level C2) and a certified instructor for German as a Foreign Language. She lived in Germany from 2003-2008 and has traveled widely in Germany. Frau Warner has helped people learn to communicate in German since 2010.

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