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Learn and Listen with Author of the Adventurous "Runaway at Sea," Margreit Maitland
Episode 195th January 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Margreit Maitland, the author of “Runaway at Sea,” wrote an adventurous book that grapples readers. Her inspiration to write this book came from her great-great grandfather’s life, Robert John Henry Frost. Margreit follows his life as a runaway. After dealing with familial abuse, he ran away from home with a friend and accidentally boarded a British naval ship. Robert goes through many experiences that help turn him into the man he becomes. Robert’s story was very important to Margreit, so much so that she just knew she had to tell it. 

Margreit was very close to her grandfather, who passed down his mother’s journal, Margreit’s great grandmother, which is a retelling of Robert’s stories that he would tell her. This journal is a family treasure that has brought Margreit into a new world with her own experiences and adventures. From her diligent research to make the book accurate and authentic, she met many people and made new meaningful connections.

“Runaway at Sea” is the first book of an upcoming 3-part series that will be revealing the many escapades of Robert John Henry Frost.

Join us on this episode of "Once and Future Authors" while we delve into history, adventure, and inspiration.