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Create a Map of Your Psyche with Matt Cooksey
Episode 1724th September 2023 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy Musial and Brenda Carey talk to Matt Cooksey about creating the map of the psyche to discover the inner gold and transforming your life

We discuss:

Matt's journey from shame and insecurity to discovering wholeness, unconditional love and wisdom within. 

The vast difference it makes in life to be able to find these inner resources - especially at times of challenge or difficulty. 

The impediments to finding our inner gold. 

Why having a map can make all the difference .

The common internal conflicts I see that keep people stuck. 

How radical self-love is a requirement of the journey home!

How his work is supporting the bigger picture of healing the world and what her Macrovision is for the work that she does

Matt Cooksey's bio

Matt is a psychotherapist on a mission to make a GOOGLE MAP of your psyche. An early midlife crisis at 30 left him exploring uncharted parts of himself, in search of the inner gold he sensed within. For 8 years he journeyed through a conflicted, tumultuous psyche, before unearthing the infinite internal source of love, wisdom and creativity he was searching for. But it was daunting and disorienting. Which inspired him to create a unique way for a person to map their own psyche. So thousands more people can confidently and efficiently navigate their way to the inner gold they need to lead inspired and authentic lives. 

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