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What makes you Qualified? IMPOSTOR Syndrome, Self Doubt and Owning your Unique Gifts!
Episode 645th October 2022 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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WHO do you think you are? WHAT exactly makes you qualified to get out there and do the work you are doing? What makes you think you’ve ‘got what it takes’ to help others along their journey/talk about this stuff? Should you really be making that much money??

“God Does Not Call The Qualified – He Qualifies The Called”

This is perhaps one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is certainly one that I recall often, especially when the voices of doubt creep in and the old impostor visits. 

As I support clients, this conversation comes up often. The need for more and more information, more external validation, more connections before they MOVE. 

As I go through this process of 

Impostor syndrome calls us to remember who we actually are, where we come from and what we are actually positioned to do at this moment in time. 

In this episode we are unpacking:

  • The creeping thoughts that come in and how to cut those cords!
  • The blessing in knowing who we are not!
  • What people actually care about when it comes to qualifications! (Shocker - it is not what you think)
  • The pocket where things open up for you
  • How do we find our zone of genius?
  • How does it support other people to do amazing work?
  • How do we position ourselves for miracles?
  • Moving into the place of co-creative process

At the end of the day, EMBODIED knowledge is what matters. I could care less about how much information you have in your head but don’t practice in your life. 

If you’re going to lead people you better practice what you preach. 

I could care less about the achievements on your wall, if I don’t resonate with your values and how you got there. Authenticity is where it’s at. REAL people who know who they are and what they stand for are GEMS. REAL Life experience gives us a gift of EARNED WISDOM that we can’t get anywhere else…

So… if you’ve been going through a journey and feel called to share your journey with others, this is a must listen. If you’ve been doubting yourself, feeling small and wondering 

Do I actually have what it takes for this _________ ? 

What on earth am I doing in this position? 

This may just be the message and show for you.

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