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You Have An Accepted Offer, Now What?
Episode 725th May 2023 • Get Me Ready To Sell • Jeff Jones
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Hey, thanks so much for joining me for this episode of the Get Me Ready To Sell Podcast. This is the podcast where we present to home sellers the home selling success path. It's what it takes to get your home sold as quickly as possible for as much money as possible and with the least amount of stress for the home seller. That's you.

We've already talked about preparing your home to sell, pricing your home to sell, and promoting your home to sell. And today on this podcast, we're going to be taking a deep dive into what it looks like when you actually get an offer. Someone has made an offer to buy your house.

So let's go ahead and get started on what you need to be prepared for.

  • 2:30 - You have an offer
  • 6:47 - Example offer
  • 9:40 - Respond to the offer

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