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Leveraging AI to Scale Resources and Business with Chad Burmeister of
Episode 1212th February 2021 • Building To Scale • Jeff Chastain | Admentus Inc.
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Chad Burmeister is the founder and CEO of whose mission is to help Founders and CEOs increase revenue by focusing on the only two things that matter in sales – increasing frequency and competency.

Chad’s focus with is rooted in the believe that artificial intelligence can increase revenue, eliminate repetition, and make selling more efficient and effective. The ideas that Chad brings throughout the episode are key to growing and scaling a business – in his case via AI.

Key Takeaway: Delegation is key – whether it is through AI or other people, by trying to maintain a grasp on every task, especially the ones that are tedious and undesirable for you, you limit the growth potential for your organization.

Lessons Learned:

Sell First, Deliver Second – Prove out your ideas first. In the case of, we sold the concept first to validate the need and market fit before building out the full solution and doing “real” marketing.

Leverage Automation – Automating tasks and processes ensures that not only do they happen the right way and the best way each time, they also happen much faster than can be done by hand. When applied to tedious tasks like data mining, it is simply more efficient.

Hone in on Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) – As you build and evaluate service offerings, make sure you always keep your ideal customer profile in mind. Ensure your customers meet your values and culture.

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