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249. 168-Hour Week: Take Control of Time & Upgrade Your Life with Laura Vanderkam #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 2493rd May 2023 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Today's guest is Laura Vanderkam. She's the author of several time management productivity books, and her TED Talk garnered over 13 million views. Her newest book, Tranquility by Tuesday, gives us nine ways to calm the chaos and make time for what matters most. 

In today's podcast episode, you are going to learn how to look at your time in weeks, in the 168 hours you have in a week, versus your days. This allows us to prioritize the things that are most important to us, make meaningful memories and take time for ourselves. Laura also shares the research and data behind her nine rules for time management, and provides tangible ways we can upgrade our lives by being more intentional with our time.

When you think about women who have multiple hats to wear, whether they're at their job or with their family life and friends, it’s easy to become reactive throughout the day. Taking control of your schedule and living the life that you want to is so important to so many of us, and yet we don't have the tools to do it. I love everything that Laura teaches and I'm so excited to have her on the show to give us what we want most, and that is time.

We also cover…

00:02:00 — The Biggest Time Management Life Hack

  • How time management became Laura’s speciality
  • Key takeaways for time management early on in her career
  • Thinking about time in terms of weeks instead of days
  • Tips for being intentional and mindful of how you spend your time
  • Recommendations for how to plan out your week in advance

00:17:00 — Benefits of Having Blank Space & Fun in Your Schedule

  • Laura’s 9 rules for time management
  • How to commit to making time for yourself, especially when you have a family 
  • Benefits of having a backup time slot or open space in your calendar
  • How many hours of your day should be scheduled for productivity?
  • Tips for entrepreneurs who feel like they’re pouring from an empty cup

00:32:00 — How to Make Time Memorable & Intentional 

  • The importance of planning things in your week that are memorable
  • How to have fulfilling and nourishing leisure time
  • Tips for winding down before bed
  • Motivational science and data behind time management and productivity Laura’s learned


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