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Episode 162 – What Else Is Going On?
Episode 16212th September 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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What do you choose to focus on?

In this episode, Kellan talks about things that are happening in the world – things other than the Coronavirus pandemic. Our thoughts and behaviors are constantly changing and adapting. We see an increase in negativity and anger, but also an increase in kindness and compassion – with that comes opportunities to grow individually and, in turn, affect greater change in the world.

When people see bad things happening, they tend to get angry; they start creating their own negativity rather than choosing to take control of their lives and create a positive experience.

Every breath we take, we add something to the world. You could add either negativity, or positivity, or simply nothing. Kellan invites you to join him in adding goodness to the world. Will you accept it?


Key Takeaways:

  • “We’re free to choose exactly what we want in life. We’re free to create the experience of life that we want to have.”
  • “Everything is in your mind and your heart. You have 100% control of your life experience.”
  • “Quiet shift, seismic change.”
    We often think if we’re going to change something big, it has to make a lot of noise. 
    The truth is that the quiet shift in the recesses of your own heart often creates the biggest seismic change.
  • “There are only two things that we have: time and choice.”
  • “Our choices sometimes feel constrained by circumstances or the actions of others.
    They do set boundary conditions: if it rains and I go outside, I’m going to get wet, or I can take an umbrella. Those are boundary conditions, but they don’t change how I live or what I experience.”
  • People say they don’t have enough time.
    “You have exactly all the time there is. You have time to do anything you want.”
  • “There is a change going on in our consciousness. The energy in the world is more polarizing. More people are getting angry and exercising that choice that they have to do things that are selfish. At the same time, there is an outpouring and a growth of love and kindness. The polarity seems to be increasing.”
  • Many people who are looking for a change in the world expect someone else to do it.
    “Every time you say ‘they...’ or ‘he...’ or ‘she...’ hold up a mirror and ask what you can do to add good to the world.”


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