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Make Yourself Indispensable: Offer Podcast Marketing with Coach Chris Hines — PEM014
Episode 1428th September 2020 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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“... Podcast Editors, stop delivering the same message of ‘I can save you time’... everyone says that.” - Coach Chris Hines

If you’re not helping your clients increase their business, improve their downloads and solidify the loyalty of their customers, you’re leaving huge money on the table. Editors who want to make more money -- without working a crazy number of hours -- need to learn the art of podcast marketing. Just producing quality audio isn’t enough anymore. You need to make services indispensable to clients that’s visible in their bottom line. After all, when your clients make more money, so do you. 

Coach Chris Hines has been hosting, producing and managing podcasts since 2015. He’s now the owner of Elite Podcast Marketing Agency, where he guides podcasters into how to grow their podcasts and generate profit from their efforts. He’s moved multiple podcasts into impressive download numbers over 50,000 with north of $20,000 in sponsorship revenue.

In addition to coaching podcasters and editors, Chris is a sought-after industry speaker, author, the host of his own podcast, Business Podcast Playbook, and creator of both the Podcast To Profit System and the Milestone System. Bottom line is, if you want to start making serious money with your editing business and take it to another level, Chris can guide you there. That wealth of knowledge and high-level coaching is precisely why we’ve been itching to have Chris as a guest on the show since we started our podcast.


  • How podcast editors can increase their income and gain more clients
  • Why podcast editors need to guide clients into treating their shows as more than entertainment
  • Chris shares his CCC Method and how he connects with and closes potential clients
  • The kind of content that helps clients improve their marketing
  • Carousel posts and how to leverage them
  • Why different approaches, structures and expectations are crucial when pitching a new client
  • How to maximize content to reach more people -- without it consuming your life
  • Knowing WHAT to share is a major roadblock for clients. Be their solution through effective storytelling, viral content, and ‘how to’ content
  • Steps to identify, attract and begin a conversation with your ideal client
  • Pro Tip: Use to set up a simple website for your clients’ podcasts
  • Subtitles on your content videos is non-negotiable -- tools to make it easier
  • Why colors matter in branding
  • Chris begs editors: Stop just telling potential clients you’ll “save them time”. Here’s what you should say instead
  • What positioning has to do with getting clients
  • Chris shares the Number 1 mistake he sees podcast editors make
  • How to handle mistakes or missed deadlines and salvage that relationship
  • Why it’s important for podcasts to invest in their education


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Podcast Loyalty Club (Forum)

Book: Podcasting is Branding

This episode of Podcast Editors Mastermind was edited by Bryan Entzminger of Top Tier Audio.

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