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How you see the world
Episode 696th July 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are beyond thrilled to share our interview with Tess, The Enneagram Mom, with you today. Tess was a Social Media Manager for other companies, when during COVID she lost multiple accounts and went from making $10,000/month to $400. During this challenging time of what felt like defeat, she finally purchased and read the Enneagram books, one of which was "The Road Back to You". This reading brought insights that helped her understand herself on a deeper level, including her traumas and her pain.

Tess changed her instagram account to and started sharing what she had learned with other women on instagram. It was the key that unlocked what she desired. Tess has grown tremendously just through helping women understand themselves and the key relationships in their lives.

All season long, we have been asking "Who is she?" and this conversation will be critical in helping guide you to a deeper understanding and knowing of yourself. The enneagram is based on how you see the world, your deepest desires and fears.

We know you'll love this episode and hearing from Tess. If you would like to hear more from Tess, check out her podcast The Enneagram Mom follow her on the 'gram and get a 1:1 session with her find out your number. You can also check out the enneagram institute website to learn more in depth about each number.

In this episode, Tess gives us an overview of each number, she walks us through the stress and growth of each number, and even does a 1:1 with Shelby on the spot.

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