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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 9, 4th January 2021
Generating Freelance Work: Laura Davis & Laura Moore
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Generating Freelance Work: Laura Davis & Laura Moore

Today we have not one but two guests, and not only one but two Lauras. Laura Davis and Laura Moore have both been on a journey setting up their own business and will talk about what it means to start from scratch in the social media industry. Collectively known as the Lauras, with 20-plus years of social media marketing experience between them they are now helping social media managers to start and build their freelance business. Their legendary Social Media Managers toolkit has helped over 700 social media managers to win and work with their clients with confidence.  


What you will learn... 

  • What the Lauras did before social media came along 
  • How to utilise your social media manager skills and transfer them to running a business 
  • Where The Hub for Social Media Managers came from and what it’s all about 
  • What’s included in the Social Media Manager toolkit 
  • What the Inner Hub is about and why it will help you grow your business to where you want it to be 
  • Understanding the steps involved in working out where you want to be and how to get there 
  • Why tough love is sometimes the answer 
  • The core needs of every social media manager and their business 
  • Why niching down might not be a good idea right now 
  • Get the Lauras’ advice if you are hesitant about starting your own social media manager business 


Resources mentioned in the show... 

If you would like to get hold of either Laura Davis or Laura Moore to discuss how they could help boost your freelance career, the best way to do so on their free Facebook group. Get the conversation started by contacting The Hub for Social Media Managers on TwitterInstagram or Facebook