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Strategic Action Vs. Tactical Action, Part 2
Episode 1518th August 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark and Joey explore the critical distinction between tactical and strategic solutions in relationships. They emphasize the importance of leadership and empowerment for men in saving their marriages, providing personal anecdotes to illustrate their points. They also encourage you to take strategic action and embrace your role as a leader in your life and relationships.

Episode Summary:

  • Tactical vs. strategic solutions. 0:03
  • Mark is excited to introduce the next level of this podcast, empowered AF 2.0.
  • Today's topic is the tactical solution versus strategic solution, marriage savers vs saving marriage.
  • Tactical vs. strategic. 2:02
  • The difference between internal pain and external pain, and how to neutralize her as a woman and respect her boundaries.
  • The paradise or paradox of manipulation.
  • Why you need to tell the truth. 3:57
  • One of the biggest things that happened in his first marriage was when his ex-wife wanted to foster some kids, and he didn't want to do it.
  • When he finally started telling the truth, it led to a big part of the destruction of his marriage.
  • The importance of being a strong leader. 6:29
  • Women feel the most safe, secure and emotionally connected with a man who leads a man that is confident. That's why so many women end up cheating.
  • Marriage is a byproduct of who you are as a man, whether it lives or dies.
  • No such thing as bad marriages only bad husbands. 8:24
  • There is no such thing as bad marriages, only bad husbands. If you have a bad marriage, you have to look at yourself and understand where you have failed.
  • Being empowered is more powerful.
  • A marriage is no good with disempowered leaders. 9:47
  • A man feels disempowered when he feels emasculated, sad, depressed and depressed. He lashes out and gets on drugs.
  • People cycle from rough patch to rough patch over 10 years.
  • The importance of having an influence on your wife. 10:55
  • Too many men are scared to confront the truth and come to the table with truth. They want to live in this paralysis analysis shit.
  • Every team needs a leader.
  • Make a decision to save your marriage. 12:32
  • Make a decision, and it should not be to control or manipulate her, because when it is and when it does, it will fail.
  • Every man should be empowered.
  • An opportunity to talk to our concierge. 14:13
  • An opportunity to connect with one of the concierge to get a game plan on moving the needle closer to where you want to be.
  • The first 50 episodes in the podcast on the foundations of how to be an empowered man.

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