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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 44, 4th June 2021
How To Make It Happen! - With Holly Grahn
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How To Make It Happen! - With Holly Grahn

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Holly Grahn.

Holly Grahn is a high performance coach who helps people find their edge so they can achieve all of their goals and lead their best lives! She says - Why not have it all?

Why you've got to check out Holly's episode:

- Discover how Holly helps people that want to make it happen, who have a big goal that they want to achieve and those who are not living to their full potential. Holly helps people achieve the success that they want to have in their lives.

- Learn the biggest challenge of limiting belief systems whereby her clients are typically standing in their own way due to fears and self-sabotage.

- Understand the huge impact this can have on people when it disempowers us to take the action we know that we need to take. These fears can prevent us from reaching the goals that we want to reach.

- Learn the biggest piece of advice which is to really understand yourself, your beliefs and your mindset. Once you know what the limiting beliefs are that you have and are holding you back - you can start to find ways to shift out of these belief systems.

- Get access to Holly's new Make It Happen program which is a free workshop taking a deep dive into those road blocks that people have and how to move past them. Find out more on Holly's website or via Facebook using the links below.

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