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Beyond Profession and Roles, Uncovering Your True Identity, 799
Episode 7995th September 2023 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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On today's episode of Your Ultimate Life... What if your attitude towards your job reflected who you truly are, rather than the job itself defining you?" Today's episode is all about self-discovery, and understanding our authentic identity beyond our skills and job titles. We delve into the power of the attitude and energy we bring into our lives and work, using the analogy of a window washer on a skyscraper to illustrate how even the most routine tasks can offer profound insights into our true selves.

Our journey doesn't stop at self-discovery. We move forward to reveal how our unique blend of skills, natural gifts, and life experiences can serve a greater purpose. We discuss aligning our service with our purpose and how prosperity often follows this alignment. Gleaning from personal experiences, I share how I leveraged my own skills and experiences to create cash flow and serve others. We wrap up with exploring your 'ultimate life'; living in the present, understanding that our purpose is a personal declaration, realizing that joy is a choice, and recognizing that prosperity comes from service. Be sure to tune in and take the first step towards your journey of self-discovery and creating your ultimate life.


(00:00:03) - Discovering Your True Identity (14 Minutes)

It is easy to learn a skill and sell it in the marketplace, but that does not define who you are. I use the example of a window washer on a skyscraper to illustrate how attitude and energy can determine who you are. It is important to be aware of the choices you make and how they affect who you are.

(00:13:52) - Discovering Purpose, Creating Prosperity, Finding Joy (16 Minutes)

We uncover how our combination of skills, natural gifts, and life experiences can be used to do meaningful service in the world. By learning to serve in a purposeful way, we can better align to our purpose and create prosperity. I share examples of how I have used my skills and experiences to create cash through books, coaching, music, and more. We explore how each of us is unique and can use our uniqueness to offer a special gift to the world.

(00:30:00) - Creating Your Ultimate Life (1 Minutes)

We explore the importance of creating an ultimate life. We discuss how to live in the present, how purpose is a declaration of our own, how prosperity is a byproduct of service, and how joy is a choice. We also discuss how making even small shifts in our work can lead to giant strides towards our ultimate life.


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