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Alice Dearing and Dai Greene
Episode 313th January 2021 • Destination Tokyo • Mark Shardlow
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I've got two great guest today. Alice Dearing is aiming to be the first black woman to represent Team GB in swimming.

With so much speculation about the Games this summer, Alice tells me she's of the mindset that there will be an Olympics. She feels it's so important to keep focused on the goal and not to slacken off.

Alice is an open water swimmer, but barely trains here in the UK. So for her, it's pool based training and competition.

She tells me that she found it quite emotionally difficult last year when the Games were cancelled as she was in great shape.

Dai Greene knows this will be his last Olympics. And he's adapted to change by turning an outbuilding at the farm where he lives into a makeshift gym. He's also sharing his training plans - good and bad!

He also reveals he was a British Record holder at MacDonalds in his student days! And is now putting his experiences there to good use! He's in charge of the oven for his partner's new sourdough pizza business.

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