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Pod 173: The Many Voices of Gary Martin
Episode 1734th October 2021 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Gary Martin was blessed with a golden voice that suddenly appeared one day during choir practice. Since that breaking in, he has become one of the world's premier voice artists, performing in films, television, commercials, movie trailers, adverts and much more. He also has fond memories of growing up watching Gerry Anderson shows and creating his own stories with a tape recorder. From these beginnings, he went on to work with Gerry, Ed Bishop, and Shane Rimmer on numerous projects including the Return of the Mysterons, Space Police, Space Precinct, the dreaded GFI, and many more! No Anderson fan should miss our series of interviews with Gary, part one this week!

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29:18 Gary Martin - Part One

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56:07 Randomeister of Randomisers Chris Dale slips into something more comfortable

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Gary Martin has a website! Also on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as @GaryMartinVox

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