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Taylor Milton - Traveling The World One Contract At A Time
Episode 1007th February 2022 • The Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam • 9INE POINT
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Flashback to 2020 and the year is almost over. COVID has made a huge impact on all industries including the world of sports. In this episode, Jacolby Gilliam interviews Taylor Milton about her journey to becoming a pro volleyball player to how she has continued to make positive opportunities during times of adversity. Taylor is an experienced professional volleyball player with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. And, when COVID caused her to stop before the season’s end there was definitely a mix of emotions, especially the feelings of uncertainty. In order to express these emotions among team members, friends and fans, Taylor and her friend, Courtney Felinski, created a space, MATCHPOINT COVID, to encourage athletes to virtually share their emotions so they can virtually experience what is going on and be there for each other. MPC gave these players an opportunity to view volleyball from its different perspective while keeping their dreams uniquely alive. If you wanted to share your story, what will write?

In this episode, Taylor shares her journey of sport realization from childhood till becoming a pro player. Although starting off as a multi-sport athlete, Taylor decided, in high school, to stick with volleyball. Being a lover of so many sports make it very heartbreaking to pick one so, why did Taylor decide to pick volleyball. It’s not an easy journey but it’s been reaffirming and quite fulfilling. She talks about her diverse experiences and how its all aided in shapening her personal and professional life. Regardless of the current situation, Taylor believes that being able to keep that spirit of belonging up makes a huge the difference. 

Key points:

Taylor’s athlete goal as a younger multi-sport athlete and how she went on to achieve it (00:56)

Being athletic over an athlete will make you better 

How Taylor decided that volleyball was what she wanted to 

The club level v the high school level of volleyball why it matters

Taylor’s first recognition and how it affected her performance

The kind of growth she experienced in college and how she was adapt 

Taylor’s advise to her younger self

The decision play pro abroad and what it’s been like so far (18:08)

Impact of COVID on the season

What MATCHPOINTCOVID is and why it was created

Taylor’s future plans and the kind of interesting skills she has been developing during this period

Sometimes, beautiful results spring from bad situation. It doesn’t make the situation better but it definitely enhances our experience. 

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