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166: Turning Crisis Into Success with Richard and Charly Jaffe
15th June 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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In this episode, Holly interviews Richard and Charly Jaffe, father and daughter co-authors of Turning Crisis Into Success: A Serial Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Overcoming Challenge While Keeping Your Sh*t Together Richard Jaffe was the co-founder of Nutri-Foods International (frozen novelties) and SafeSkin Corp (medical devices), both of which he took public on NASDAQ and sold to Fortune 100 companies. Both companies developed #1 selling products in their categories nationwide. He currently writes, speaks and mentors young entrepreneurs on starting and scaling new ventures. Charly Jaffe is a writer, storyteller and captivating advocate for mental and emotional health. With a background spanning industries and continents, Charly produced stories for BBC News, ran an Australian yoga school and was an award-winning Google strategist. She is currently a crisis counselor and graduate student in Columbia University’s Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology. Richard shares his most memorable advice from his father. “I didn’t find crisis, crisis found me. Just remember crisis is only change over a very short period of time. Will it hold you back or catapult your growth?” Charly found that when her dad faced a big crisis, asking for help was a key part of getting out of it. The belief that we can do it by ourselves doesn’t get very far in the face of big crisis. They suggest getting over your pride and ego and ask for help to reframe true strength! When we feel like we can only make the decisions ourselves, we can only go with the choices we see. When we ask for help, we have many more alternatives and can make better decisions. We have to learn how to respond and not react. Some of the questions they explore are: ·     What are some tips to getting through crisis? ·     How do you respond to “hope is not a strategy”? ·     What are some powerful stories that you’ve from a father/daughter relationship viewpoint? ·     What are some thoughts for leaders that have a business they’re trying to recalibrate? Hope is the only positive emotion that requires negativity and uncertainty to exist. The first step is assessing the situation. Becoming present with our assessments includes asking for help. Being able to assess what resources are available, who is available to help, and finding hope through learned hopefulness. Hopeful action is one of the most effective tools that allow us to thrive and adapt. Richard and Charly reveal that the ability to be vulnerable was one of the biggest lessons that shared with each other the process of writing their book, throughout which they share many stories of asking for help from each other. Richard’s advice for businesses in today’s climate - everything starts with what the customers need. Be where the customer is going to be when we come out of this. He says that when we come out of this, things are going to be different. Some people are not going to make it without changing. They need to learn to separate achievements from self-worth. Charly, in her work with suicide prevention, …. There is a part of you that needs to die, but not all the parts of you. What do I need to let go of and what needs to remain in the past? We do have the ability to dance with crisis and asking for help is vital = other people have been there and how to cope. Being able to see models of what works inspires others to get through crisis. We live in a society that skews reality by only showing the end result. Learn more about Richard and Charly’s work at If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.273.8255. Remember, Mindful Matters and So Do YOU!! For more mindful resources, visit