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1000 Podcasters - Bryan Entzminger EPISODE 92, 25th December 2019
What should I do if my podcast guest misses their interview? - 1KP0092
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What should I do if my podcast guest misses their interview? - 1KP0092

I have a few things for you today. It’s Christmas Eve in the US and I’d like to leave you with a couple of things. First, an answer to the question: should I let guests reschedule? I also have video to share with you and a little listener feedback.

What to do if you’re blown off

If you’ve had guests on your show for a while, it’s likely you’ve already faced this. If not, it’s almost inevitable.

  • You get a guest booked
  • You prepare and research
  • You send them all the info they need
  • You get ready to record
  • They never show up

If this has happened to you, you know it’s not fun. But what do you do next?

Listen as I share four things you could consider, as well as what I do.

How To Video

There was a question in our Hindenburg users group on FB (hindyusers.com): How do I remove the in and out markers if I want to make an edit. I answered that with a video.

Listener Feedback

A few days ago I asked about your plans for 2020. Tom Hailey (@tomhailey) shared that he’s launching a podcast in February, 2020. The trailer’s up already, so you can check it out at bluegrassregionvoicesandviews.com. I’m told it’s still under construction, so proceed with caution. 

Tom will be sharing interesting places, people, and activities in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.

Check it out.

What about you?

If you don’t already have a plan for when (not if) a guest misses their interview, there’s no time like now to come up with something. Whether you already have a plan or are creating a plan, let me know. I’m @TopTierAudio on Twitter.

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