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Optimizing Your Time & Energy
Episode 1825th June 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kiley Peters, founder of RAYNE IX, talks about the importance of optimizing time and energy as part of The D&A of Success framework. Kiley emphasizes the need to delegate tasks that drain energy and focus on activities that align with personal strengths and passions. She also provides a few exercises to help individuals assess their current situation and set goals for improvement.

  • Optimizing Time and Energy: The D&A of Success 0:39
  • Delegating Tasks to Increase Productivity 1:18
  • Recommended Resources 8:41


  • "You're probably spending your time and energy doing those things right now when you could be doing things that bring in revenue or bring you greater joy and calmness." 8:00
  • "Optimizing your time and energy is the greatest gift you could give to your family, team, and community." 9:22
  • “Ask yourself how many things you can then delegate. What can you afford to delegate? What’s the low-hanging fruit? What are the things that are gonna make the greatest impact? You don't have to figure out exactly who it is right now, but identify what needs to be delegated.” 8:26

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