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Cloud Audit - Switching from Zoom to Whereby
Episode 271st August 2023 • Beyond Net Zero Journey • Chloe Thomas
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On this episode of Beyond Net Zero Journey, host Chloe Thomas explores her recent transition to a more sustainable video conferencing solution.

Recognizing that using video conferencing platforms like Zoom can contribute to carbon emissions, Chloe references Mike Burners Lee's book, "How Bad Are Bananas," (episode 3) which estimates that using Zoom emits around 50 grams of carbon per hour on a desktop.

Chloe suggests that using Whereby could be a more eco-conscious option for video conferencing that aims to be better for the planet and people while offering similar or better functionality compared to Zoom.

Chloe emphasizes the importance of finding environmentally-friendly solutions for communication and encourages listeners to consider reducing their carbon emissions from video calls and suggests alternative options such as emails.

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