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She Had an Affair, Now What?
Episode 647th December 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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This episode is one of the most downloaded episodes ever, so it is clear that A LOT of men are struggling with this: what do you do when your wife has an affair? When your wife is telling you she doesn’t know if she wants to come back to the marriage, it can feel painful and SCARY AF. So how do you transform that pain into a positive?

In this reintroduction of episode 2 of Empowered AF, Mark helps you understand the difference between an emotional and physical affair and explains why you need to understand exactly what is happening with her before you can decide how to continue. You can choose to emerge destroyed or empowered, and it’s all down to THIS mindset shift. Which one do you choose? 

“What you have to do is put yourself in the most powerful position to receive her back, should she decide to come back.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- What “limerence” and “affair fog” are, how to recognize them and how to navigate them

- The danger of “false positives”

- Learn why so many victims end up manipulating the cheater

- The boundaries you need to put in place if you choose to stay in your marriage following an affair

- Why you should treat your wife as a “neutral woman” once she’s had an affair

- How you can sink into the pain of an affair and emerge as an unshakeable new man

And much more…

How To Recognize If She Is Really Ready To Come Back To The Marriage:

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