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Tech Talk #1: Flight Simulators
2nd February 2021 • Games We Grew Up With • Games We Grew Up With
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It’s a very special NEW EPISODE DAY!

Check out the first episode of our new bonus series, “Chris’s Tech Talk”! In these episodes, Host Chris will be joined by various guests to talk about the technology that goes into video games, and the challenges that developers face bringing their visions to reality!

For our first installment, Chris is following up our Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat episode with a discussion on flight simulators and the nuts and bolts behind them.

So hop in the audio cockpit and join Chris and his friends, with their 50-plus combined years of professional flight simulator experience, as they dive into what it takes to make a true flight sim, then (predictably) get distracted and forget that they were supposed to be talking about video games as they nerd out about planes!

Let’s kick the low-polygon tires and light the 8-bit fires!