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The Speed of Nothingness
Episode 1311th August 2022 • Pamalogy Society • James Carvin
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Those who complete and pass the Pamalogy 101 course are entitled to a Pamalogist top hat. Symbols included depend on levels of expertise and type of participation.

The Pamalogy Society is a nonprofit philosophical organization dedicated to the maximization of awesomeness both in word and deed. Our mission is not just to teach, but to fund and offer volunteer support to worthy high impact concept stage projects synergistically and strategically for maximum positive impact, beginning with the CounterChecker.

In Episode 13, James Carvin points out that that there is no energy or matter required for the vast digital library described in Episode 12 to be made real. Nothingness requires no speed. All possibility is abstract truth, which in turn is information. If reality is information, is all possibility reality?

There are three big elephants in the room. If you want a free top hat, you'll have to be able to explain them. This episode introduces takes some bites out of the third elephant - the Self Understanding of Maximized Awesomeness.

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