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The Effects of Air Pollution on Performance/Ironman Regional Director Dave Christen
Episode 1037th October 2022 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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Climate change was supposed to be a long drawn out process but its effects seem to be coming fast and furious. One of the main contributors to its development is seemingly becoming worse as a result of this global emergency and that is air pollution. More and more research links air pollution to disease and mortality and a new paper shows how it can impact athletic performance specifically during an Ironman event. I review the science. Plus, an interview with Ironman regional director Dave Christen. Dave is involved in the selection of new venues for races on the 70.3 and 140.6 calendars and he lets me in on what goes on in that process as well as the frenetic weeks and days before and after an event.


[04:50]- Effects of Air Pollution on Performance

[16:20]- Dave Christen


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