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Redesigning Work for People and the Planet - with Lisa Whited
Episode 3421st November 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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Exploring how to change the way we think about business and work to respect both people and the planet, with workplace expert and award-winning author Lisa Whited.

With the planet on fire and burnout an epidemic, we need to do things differently. Yet, until we reach the tipping point for social change, if only 8% of people can be counted on to do the “right thing”, what can we do to close the gap?

Workplace expert Lisa Whited shares practical actions leaders can take to create more inclusive ways of working and treat resources with greater respect. With her holistic outlook on work, Lisa believes that when work is better, our world is better.

Lisa Whited is an award-winning author and workplace expert. Her book, “Work Better. Save the Planet”, is a guide for building employee engagement while positively impacting climate change. Lisa is also an advocate for improving work and the workplace for people with invisible disabilities. Being the granddaughter of a potato farmer and the daughter of an engineer informs her work ethic and love of solving problems.


00:03:31 Drawing hope

00:06:59 Patagonia and Conscious Capitalism

00:12:04 The circular economy

00:17:44 Fear of managing expectation and a path forward

00:21:13 Work Style Profile

00:24:07 The challenge of managing the abstract

00:28:18 Sprinkle rest and leisure throughout the day

00:35:00 Asoebi


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Highly sensitive executive coach and productivity catalyst, Clare Kumar, explores the intersection of productivity and inclusivity continually asking how can we invite the richest contribution from all. She coaches individuals in sidestepping burnout and cultivating sustainable performance, and inspires leaders to design inclusive performance thereby inviting teams to reach their full potential. As a speaker, Clare mic-drops “thought balms” in keynotes and workshops, whether virtual or in-person. She invites connection through her online community committed to designing sustainable and inclusive performance, the Happy Space Pod. Why? Because everyone deserves a Happy Space.

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