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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 64, 14th June 2020
Healing Heartache Through Solo Travel

Healing Heartache Through Solo Travel

Our guest today is actor, director, and author, Gabrielle Stone. Gabrielle was married in her early 20s and found out that her husband was having a 6-month affair with a 19-year old. Upon learning this she divorced him.

Soon after, she fell head over heels in love with another man and he asked her to go on a romantic month-long trip to Italy. 48 hours before they were supposed to board the plane, he told her he wanted to go alone; she was devastated. 

But something inside Gabrielle urged her to take this opportunity to travel solo and chronicle her experiences. What came out of this trip is the empowering, hilarious, and at times heartbreaking book: Eat, Pray, #FML.

The book reads like a personal journal and we witness how Gabrielle goes from being heart-broken and feeling abandoned to starting an amazing healing journey where she learns to rely on herself and finds pieces of her soul in new places and people. 

Gabrielle has also racked up over 50 screen credits and won numerous awards for her film, It Happened Again Last Night, a film she wrote, directed, and starred in. 

Join us as we talk with Gabrielle about her book, how the fear of abandonment shaped her life, the benefits of traveling alone, healing friendships, delicious food, the power of the "thought onion," and much more!

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