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The Path to Finding Purpose in College
Episode 123rd August 2022 • Challenge. Change. • Clark University
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Clark University's Dean of Students Kamala Kiem talks to us about what it means to find success and identity during college. Kiem recalls lessons learned during her time at the former Middle Georgia College and Florida International University, including a “life-changing” decision to end her time as a student-athlete to become a resident assistant.

“I'm living a life where I have no regrets in those decisions because I've learned from and appreciated all of the positives and growth,” she says. “I was able to capitalize on making sure that I fulfill what I believe is my purpose.”

Kiem says that while there are objective measurements of student success, she works from a more holistic lens. 

“I want to pay attention to the love and joy and satisfaction piece of their experience,” she says. “Students are resilient. They will overcome, and they will persevere, but do they love the experience?”

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