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It's All Clutter #48: Clean & Simple Strategies for a Healthy Body & Home
Episode 483rd February 2021 • It's All Clutter • Jes Marcy
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I recently interviewed the fabulous Meredith Vieceli. Meredith is the founder and integrative nutritionist and health coach of Well-Rooted 30. There are many similarities between Meredith’s approach to health and wellness, and my approach to decluttering and home organization. When I had the Aha! moment that our clutter is in fact connected to our own health, I knew I had to bring Meredith in as a health and nutrition coach to the Clutter Boss Academy community. She helps us take action with our own health and nutrition, as we simultaneously take action in decluttering our homes. 

It’s all clutter. And it’s all connected. 

Tune in to learn some simple tips and strategies for taking action and making impactful changes to your own health & wellness. And, learn how the clutter in your kitchen directly affects your health and nutrition! 

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