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To Succeed... Just Let Go - Willie Horton EPISODE 32, 12th May 2021
Back from the Land of Thought
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Back from the Land of Thought

The land of thought is a foreign land indeed... so very far removed from the world in which we actually stand, surrounded by opportunity.

Far removed the normal mind may well be from the here and now - but it's only a single simple step from there to here - the real here - no passport required, no vaccination, no need to move at all... the real here is here and now.

And you can make that choice any time - take that step that changes your life whenever - and it doesn't matter what went before - what matters is what you do now because, when you do turn up to here and now, the next now and all the nows to come will be so excitingly different.

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime... your's.