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3. Neurodiversity affirming teaching with Claire Britton
Episode 33rd June 2024 • The Child Charmer • Chrissie Davies- Child Behaviour Specialist
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What does it mean to be a neurodiversity affirming educator?

Well, it starts with having a set of principles and values that you bring to your classroom and the way in which you view each and every student in your care. It centres around having core beliefs that all communication styles and unique ways of learning are valid. It also means that you understand the importance of creating an environment wherein all kids can 'feel safe to learn' in you classroom and school communities.

Neurodiversity affirming practices also acknowledge that with the right supports and accommodation in place, all children can thrive in education.

True inclusion is a way of life. Its all encompassing in the way we speak, think, feel and radiate our beliefs within our classrooms and school communities.

It's actually more about what we do to ensure that every child walks out the gate knowing in their heart, mind and soul, that they belong.

Learn more about Claire Britton and her work :

In this episode we also discuss Claire Britton's Educational Resource for teachers which can be found here:




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