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Designing events for rich connection – with Robbie Samuels
Episode 2319th June 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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Robbie has been recognized as a networking expert by NPR, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Inc, and as an expert in virtual event design by JDC Events.

His three books that have collectively received over 600 5-star reviews - a couple of them being mine, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his fourth is about how to effectively launch a book, or the bigger topic of how to effectively engage your fans to not only build your business but to also support your charity of choice.

Since 2016, Robbie has also hosted the On the Schmooze podcast and, since March 2020, the #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour.

For some of us, Zoom went from saviour and social glue in March of 2020 as to virtually satan in March of 2023 with far too much tedious time looking at faceless black rectangles.

Enter the latest book by networking enthusiast, Robbie Samuels: Break out of Boredom - Low tech solutions for highly engaging zoom events. Robbie had me at low tech, but what really drew me to this book and to everything Robbie does is his naturally inclusive spirit and chronic generosity.

The point of this podcast is to celebrate the design of inclusive performance and I can think of no one who thinks about welcoming people as intuitively as Robbie does. So think of this book as not only a guide to Zoom events, but way beyond that to small things you can do to have big impact #littlebigthings in creating a culture where people feel safe & comfortable enough to contribute.


00:00:00 Intro

00:05:39 Where does your warmth & grace come from?

00:10:37 The difference between being invited and feeling welcome

00:13:10 Achieving content & connection in a virtual world

00:15:04 What is an unconference?

00:19:50 The origins of book two: Small List, Big Results

00:20:14 From No More Bad Zoom to book three

00:29:30 The value of cueing transitions

00:35:20 Advance slides behind the scenes

00:36:10 Speak to each point on a slide

00:39:30 Adding music...or not

00:41:03 Universal design

00:41:55 Building community

00:43:12 Neurological safety

00:45:23 Purpose-first design

00:46:04 High-performing teams pay less attention to tone, but at what cost?

00:47:42 Continuous improvement - get 5% better every time



Susan Roane’s books

Robbie explaining SoJust

“Croissant vs Bagels” by Robbie Samuels book - Robbie’s website - Goodreads

Robbie Samuels Ted Talk - Croissants are the Key to Inclusive Networking

Dorie Clark website

“Small List, Big Results” by Robbie Samuels book - Robbie’s website - Goodreads

“Community” by Peter Block book - Peter’s website - Goodreads

Happy Space Podcast episode 2 - How to Design with Sensitivity in Mind


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Highly sensitive executive coach and productivity catalyst, Clare Kumar, explores the intersection of productivity and inclusivity continually asking how can we invite the richest contribution from all. She coaches individuals in sidestepping burnout and cultivating sustainable performance, and inspires leaders to design inclusive performance thereby inviting teams to reach their full potential. As a speaker, Clare mic-drops “thought balms” in keynotes and workshops, whether virtual or in-person. She invites connection through her online community committed to designing sustainable and inclusive performance, the Happy Space Pod. Why? Because everyone deserves a Happy Space.

Believing that productivity is personal, the podcast is produced in a variety of formats so you can enjoy it in the medium you prefer:

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