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Complaints and How to Survive Them E3: Surviving the Process
Episode 828th June 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Drs Jessica Harland, Heidi Mounsey and Caroline Walker join us in this episode to discuss how to survive the process of receiving and going through a complaint.

Episode Highlights

[11:12] Why Don’t We Talk About Complaints?

  • So much of a health professional’s self-esteem is based on their career.

[13:47] How People Feel When They Make a Mistake at Work

  • Doctors often feel guilt, shame, anger and frustration. 

[16:42] How to Cope When You Make a Mistake at Work

  • Openly share and talk about complaints. 

[19:17] Miscommunication and Complaints

  • Many complaints are a result of miscommunication.

[21:39] Differences in Handling Complaints

  • It's easier to handle an objectively written complaint about systems and processes.

[27:09] The Importance of Perspective

  • It helps to depersonalise the complaint.

[33:30] How to Look After Yourself

  • Take a break to help you cope. 
  • Keep an eye on the basics.

[37:12] Stop Fixating on Mistakes

  • Be kinder to yourself.

[42:47] Practical Advice for Through a Complaint

[48:22] Three Tips for Surviving While Going Through a Complaint

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