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How to Have Tough Conversations
Episode 4323rd August 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Whether you've been in business a day or years one of the constants is that you'll need to have some tough conversations from time to time.

This could be with a client, your team members, a team you're in charge of leading, or a fellow business owner.

These include:

  • Raising your prices
  • Letting go of a client
  • A team member not holding up their end of the contract
  • and more!

In this episode, I break down when and where to have these conversations, what to say and how to follow up. I also shared two ways that I motivate myself to have a conversation I'm really not looking forward to.

If you want to save time, simplify, and use a proven template for having hard conversations you can find my Tough Conversation Templates HERE.

If you're building your business and want more time freedom check out the No Sweat SOP Templates HERE.

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