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Peace of Mind Blueprint with Susan Brown
Episode 11716th February 2023 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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Death is one of the big taboo things people never like to talk about, on the contrary, it is something that we SHOULD be talking about! We’re not here forever. Just like how we should be prepared for the birth of our child, we should also be prepared for our death in the same way. We wouldn’t like to leave our families in agony, leaving them grieving, and at the same time leaving them clueless about how they should handle all of those countless things we left. 

Susan Brown is on the journey of helping families have peace of mind. She created the Peace of Mind Blueprint to help you prepare everything you need to enrich yours and your family's lives with peace of mind. Also, she created Peace Of Mind Ultimate Bundle to help you get all of your stuff organized in one place. Listen to Susan as she talks about the practical ways to help you reduce or even prevent unnecessary compounded suffering (UCS). 

“Nobody likes to talk about it, but we're not here forever. For me that doesn't put me into a rabbit hole of worry, but a rabbit hole of gratitude…If it's true gratitude, it propels us to movement, to do something bigger than ourselves, and initiate leaving that legacy that lives beyond generations. This piece of blueprint is the first step to that. You get to actually be here with your loved ones, even when you're not here.” - Susan Brown

About the Guest:

Susan Brown, the encourager and simple solutions guru and founder of Susan Brown Coaching, is on a mission to help people just like you reduce the overwhelm and rediscover joy by simplifying their lives.

Speaking to audiences large and small, she draws from her own inspirational journey including being bullied, homelessness, 4 miscarriages, and becoming a caregiver to her paralyzed mom.

She talks about the hard stuff that most people shy away from, all while connecting in a unique way with compassion and a bit of humor sprinkled in for good measure, coupled with practical strategies.

She has been featured in radio, podcasts, as well as online and video and print publications.

Susan is an author (highly acclaimed One Year Of Thankful Thursdays and the life changing Peace Of Mind System), content creator, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and mindset coach. Most importantly she’s a mom to two amazing girls and married to her best friend.

Need some encouragement? Ready to simplify your life? Ready to kick fear in the teeth and rediscover joy? Susan is ready to hear from you and meet you where you are and hear how she can serve you best.


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