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Prayer 2021 - December 2 - Responsibility for Answered Prayer pt 3
Episode 3342nd December 2021 • Study in Prayer • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

 2 Chronicles 32:20

“King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz cried out in prayer to heaven about this.”

Responsibility for Answered Prayer pt 3

We have been discussing “Who’s responsible for our prayer’s being answered?”  Yesterday, we looked at how a parent can take authority over sickness in the children. This also works for spouses, etc.

Another area that seems to confuse people is their “status with God” based upon how long they’ve been born again; what denomination they are a part of; whether they have been living a “Godly life” as compared to “others.”

I’ve heard some people come up and ask “Why (this other person) received their healing (in this meeting) and they don’t even attend this church?  I’ve been “Full Gospel” for 25 years and I have not received my healing…Why?”

The denomination a person belongs to has nothing to do with receiving healing, blessings, etc. Nothing at all to do with it!

In fact, this type of attitude is actually the result of a self-centered, selfish and misguided belief that, because they are “Full Gospel,” they are something “special” in the eyes of God.

God is not obligated to do anything because of how long you’ve been born again, how long you’ve been in a particular church or denomination. Period.

God is not moved by your needs. God is not moved by your wants. God is ONLY moved by FAITH. Period! That’s it!

If you want your prayers answered, you MUST do so BY FAITH.  That’s it!

That’s why Jesus said over and over and over again, “Be it done unto you according to your Faith.”  Why did he do that? Because He also said many times, “It is your faith that has made you whole!”

You see, God will not come to your help because of who you are or where you go to church. He will only come to your help based upon one thing – your Faith in Jesus!

I also have heard, “I’ve been filled with the Holy Ghost for x number of years…”  But they are still not receiving their prayers as answered. “Why?”

The baptism of the Holy Ghost is NOT a prerequisite for healing or for your prayers being answered. A person can be healed before they are filled with the Holy Ghost. Want proof?

Go look at those healed by Jesus in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit had not been poured out upon ANYONE while Jesus was on the earth. Amen!

In fact, sometimes, being a member of these “Faith Churches” is probably more detrimental to someone receiving the answers to their prayers as answered. There are churches out there that try to make their church members believe that “being part of this church makes you somebody special.” 

That, my friends, is false teaching. That type of teaching is actually “cult” teaching. Is that what these pastors are trying to develop? Cult followings?

I’ll just leave it there for today.

Let’s Pray!

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