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Ask The Tech Coach - Jeffrey Bradbury EPISODE 81, 10th February 2020
5 Ways to use Video and Live Streaming in the Classroom
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5 Ways to use Video and Live Streaming in the Classroom

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff welcomes Susan and Matt on the podcast to discuss how and why Interactive and Streaming Video can be used for both Tech Coaches and Classroom Teachers.

In this episode, we discuss:

Reflections from Last Week:

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How can streaming and interactive video be used in education?

  • 4 C’s are huge here - Using video to encourage communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity and encouraging learning to happen not only inside of the school building or district, but also globally.
  • Streaming/Interactive video helps increase engagement and ultimately comprehension
  • Live Streaming brings experts in the classroom and enhances the learning process. 
  • “Virtual Field Trip”
  • Lends to various learning styles
  • Offering courses in a district across campuses where a teacher may only be available at one building and not another
  • Being able to offer coaching services to teachers across a district when an instructional or tech coach is not always available in every building / IT Support could also be done in this way
  • Interactive VideoFlipped Classrooms
  • Flipped staff meetings
  • Flipped PD So many times teachers use the time factor to say they don’t have time to attend a PD after school that is face to face. Using interactive video in combination with choice boards is a great way to offer PD. Count the time by using an application that will show that they have watched it and answered some questions about what was presented.
  • Backchannel and / or reflection tool
  • Feedback tool for providing feedback to students
  • Streaming Services that include many paid subscriptions are great for enhancing content presentations


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