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Minding Your Purpose Podcast - Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, LMSW EPISODE 3, 24th September 2020
Dealing With Disappointment When Fulfilling Your Purpose
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Dealing With Disappointment When Fulfilling Your Purpose

From battling psychosis and depression to managing Bipolar I Disorder and PTDS, I fought like hell to get here.  As life challenged me over and over again, I was pushed to find creative and innovative ways live in my purpose on purpose and surpass my goals. For over 18 years, I have committed my life to supporting others on their journey. My passion to help others become their truest self has allowed me to speak on various national platforms to engage hearts and empower minds. My goal is simple…. To assist you in aligning with the greater you. We might not have the same path, but we all desire to experience the greatness inside us.  Let’s get this done together.  ~Laqwanda 

Visit www.Laqwanda.com for articles, speaker requests, or for show guest inquiries.

Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley is the Founder of Healing Black Women which serves as a safe space designed to encourage and promote all forms of wellness/healing for black women. She is also the Chief Editor of HealingBlackWomen.com. She is a Certified Life Coach and Reiki II Practitioner. She is the former Director of Outreach for the National Office of Mental Health America. She is an established/nationally recognized motivational speaker and has spoken on various platforms/panels with entities such as Eventbrite, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Austin Black Pride, Environmental Protection Agency, Council on Social Work Minority Fellowship Program, Kaiser Permanente, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization to name a few. As a Mental Wellness Advocate, Laqwanda serves on the Board of Directors RPSV, Inc and is a former Board Member of NAMI Northern VA. You can find her on Youtube and Instagram @Laqwanda