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5 Types of Content That Creates Buyers and 'Assignment Selling' with Marcus Sheridan from They Ask You Answer
Episode 6413th January 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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You know you should be emailing more often, but how the hell are you supposed to come up with all of the content?

More importantly, how can you make sure each and every one of your emails is getting your audience closer to buying from you?

Author of the incredible game-changing content marketing book ‘They Ask You Answer’, Marcus Sherridan is here to absolutely revolutionize the way you think about your emails by going through the 5 subjects that in his words, “move the needle in every single industry”.  

He also discusses the incredibly effective approach, ‘assignment selling’ and how you can use this to quicken your sales process and massively increase your close rate…..because who doesn’t want that?

5 Types of Content That Creates Buyers and 'Assignment Selling' with Marcus Sheridan from They Ask You Answer

Episode Content

  • (02:13) It’s two lies and a truth and Rob’s turn again - will he ever catch up with Kennedy?
  • (04:38) So, how do you come up with things to say in your emails?
  • (05:50) The main reason why the 5 subjects work so well in every industry.
  • (06:15) Subject number 1 - most companies don’t know how to talk about this in the right way.  
  • (07:36) Subject number 2 is something we don’t usually search for until we’re serious about buying it... which is why it’s perfect.
  • (08:25) Subject number 3 - have you done your due diligence?
  • (09:22) Subject number 4 is something we are all obsessed with. Yes, even you!
  • (09:59) Subject number 5 and it’s "simply the best."
  • (10:47) OK, but where and when should you use these 5 subjects within your emails? 
  • (11:23) The hostage situation and honest reviews about yourself. It’ll make sense, we promise.
  • (15:14) Very few business do this, which is exactly why you should.
  • (15:54) Assignment selling and what Marcus does differently.
  • (17:48) How to stop wasting your valuable time by using assignment selling.
  • (20:31) What sort of questions should you be asking?
  • (21:53) How you can incorporate assignment selling in your emails….because that’s probably why you’re listening to this, right?
  • (22:55) Being more demanding and closing more sales? We’re in.
  • (24:49) Have you ever been ghosted before? This subject line leads to an answer in 90% of the time on the very same day.

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